Elinchrom Light Shaping Tools

Whether it’s using light manufactured by a flash unit or using natural sunlight to your advantage, softboxes, umbrellas and reflectors are invaluable lighting tools, for on location or in-studio.

Elinchrom Reflector Grid Set 21 Complete
$169.99 SAVE $230
  • Fits All Elinchrom Flash Heads/Monolights/4 Honeycomb Grids
  • Ideal for Hair/Background Lighting & Product Highlighting
  • Changes Shape & Intensity of Light
  • 21 cm (8.25") Diameter
In Stock
Demo Condition: EXC
Elinchrom Softlite Silver Reflector 64 Degree 70 cm
$279.99 SAVE $350
  • Standard Elinchrom Compatibility
  • 70 cm (27.5") Diameter
  • Silver Reflector
  • Beauty Dish Design
In Stock
Demo Condition: EXE+