Ledgo, Lowel Video Lighting Components

Ledgo LED continuous lighting has been specifically developed for video creatives and professionals for use in a wide range of video and photo applications. Offering an affordable high-quality alternative to premium lighting brands, Ledgo fixtures and accessories span everything from on-camera lights, lighting kits, tube lights, ring lights to studio panels, RGBW lights, Fresnels and more.

Ledgo Charger for NP Series Battery
  • Charger for NP Series Battery
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Ledgo LG-1822U Green Screen Background Kit 1.8 m x 2.2 m
  • Self standing Background Kit
  • Chroma Key Green Colour
  • 1.8 x 2.2 m (5.9 x 7.2') Dimension
  • Set-up in minutes, straight from the bag
  • Lightweight, compact & portable
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Ledgo AC/DC Power Adapter for LG-B560 Series Lights
  • LEDGO B560 Compatibility
  • AC/DC Adapter
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Ledgo LG-2022L Green Screen Background Kit 2.0 m x 2.2 m
  • Self standing, L-Shaped curved Background Kit
  • Chroma Key Green Colour
  • 2 x 2.2 m (6.5 x 7.2') Dimensions
  • Fast setup
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Low wrinkle, easy clean cloth
  • Includes Carry Case
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Ledgo T14 Transparent clip for single tube with 5/8" Lamp Adapter
  • Mounts 1x LED tube light onto stand
  • Ledgo AltaTube Compatibility
  • 5/8" Stand Adapter
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Ledgo AC/DC Adapter for LG-600S/LG-600CS/LG-600MSII/ LG-600MCSII
  • LEDGO LG-600S/LG-600CS/LG-600MSII/ LG-600MCSII Compatibility
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Ledgo Softbox for 1200 Series
  • Designed for LED Go 1200 Series
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Ledgo AC/DC Adapter for LG-1200S/LG-1200CS/LG-1200MSII/ LG-1200MCSII
  • LEDGO LG-1200S/1200CS/1200MSII/1200MCSII Compatibility
  • AC/DC Adapter
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Ledgo AA Battery Box for CN-B150 LED Light
  • Made for CN-B150 LED Light
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Ledgo V-Mount Battery Adapter for the LG-D600
  • Designed for LEDGO LGD-D600 & LG-D1200 Freshnel Light
  • V-Mount 14.4V Battery to Power LEDGO LGD-D600 & LG-D1200
  • Screw-on 4-pin Connector Connection
  • Includes Stand Mount
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