Lowel is the first choice in continuous tungsten and fluorescent light for video professionals. From industry standards like the Tota and Omni lights to on-camera lights, Rifa-Light softboxes and fluorescent systems, Lowel provides rugged dependability and precise control thanks to a wide range of accessories.

Lowel Caselite 4 Daylight Kit

Webcode: 169647 • Mfr: CF-94DA

Caselites take location fluorescents one step further by being both case & light combined.

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Lowel Prime LED 200 Tungsten

Webcode: 260853 • Mfr: PRM-200TU

Lowel's Prime 200 LED Light (Tungsten) is a 17.7 x 14.9 x 3.5" panel that gives you wrap-around light with a crisp edge and a colour balance which blends seamlessly with indoor ambient light.

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Lowel DVcreator Kit 1 w/ LB30 Soft Case

Webcode: 210333 • Mfr: DV-901LBZ
  • 250/500/750W Power
  • Kit includes 3x Lights, 3x Stands & Soft Case
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Lowel Rifa 66 Kit w/ Large Tube Case (R1-83)

Webcode: 169557 • Mfr: LC-96Z
  • 750W Power
  • 120V AC Power Source
  • Kit includes Light, Stand & Case
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