Lowel is the first choice in continuous tungsten and fluorescent light for video professionals. From industry standards like the Tota and Omni lights to on-camera lights, Rifa-Light softboxes and fluorescent systems, Lowel provides rugged dependability and precise control thanks to a wide range of accessories.

Lowel DV Creator 44 Kit with Soft Case

Webcode: 232892 • Mfr: DV-902LBZ
  • 250/300/500/750W Power
  • Kit includes 4x Lights, 4x Stands & Soft Case
Special Order

Lowel Blender Duo AC/DC-Panasonic Pack 2 Blenders AC Adapter, Diffusers , Battery Sled, Bag

Webcode: 247010 • Mfr: BLN-921LB
  • 2800K - 6000K Colour Temperature
  • 100-10% Dimming
  • 56W Power
  • 7.2-15V DC, 120-240V AC Power Source
  • Kit includes 2x Lights, 2x Battery Sleds, 2x Adapters & Bag
Special Order