Defy Gimbal, SoloShot, Triad-Orbit Stabilizers, Gimbals & Sliders

Camera support systems are arguably the most exciting innovations that have taken place in the video/cinema/ production arena. They are devices that allow for fluid camera motion and subject tracking throughout the shot.

Triad-Orbit Triad Shuttle Bag
$309.99 SAVE $100
  • Wheeled Tripod Case
  • Holds 2x TRIAD-ORBIT Stand Systems
  • Hard framed Side walls
  • Velcro hold downs
  • Dual handles
  • 4 inner sidewall pockets
  • Large lid pocket
  • 2x Accessory bags Inside lid pocket
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Triad-Orbit Synergy Series™ I/O-Equipped Spring
  • Accommodates Triad-Orbit Accessories
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Triad-Orbit Synergy Series™ I/O-Equipped Grip
  • Accommodates Triad-Orbit Accessories
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Triad-Orbit AV Pack Including: IO-H1, IO-H2, IO-H3, IO-H4, IO-H6, LTADA, GPADA, And ACC-PCH
  • 5/8", 3/8" & 1/4"-20 Connection
  • Kit includes 7x Adaptors & Pouch
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Triad-Orbit T-O Go 2 T-O GO Standard Carrier Bag
  • Fits Triad-Orbit Stand System
  • Removable Padded Interior Dividers
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Triad-Orbit IO-Desk Long Strap Pack IO-Desk Long Strap Pack
  • Made for IODesk
  • Secures Laptops, Tablets, Projectors, Media Players, Hard Drives
  • 3/8" Thread
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Triad-Orbit IO-G IO GoPro Quick-Change Coupler Head, Brass
  • US 5/8"-27 to 3-Pronged GoPro Adapter
  • Brass Hex With 5/8" Male
  • Aluminum & Brass Material Construction
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Triad-Orbit 1/4ADA 5/8" Female To 1/4" Male Camera Adaptor
  • 5/8" Female to 1/4" Male Adapter
  • Stainless Steel Material Construction
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Triad-Orbit IO-HMM IO Quick-Change Coupler Head, Male-to-male adaptor
  • IO Male to IO Male Screw Adapter
  • Aluminum Stainless Steel Material Construction
  • Attaches Microphones, Booms & Accessories onto Lighting Stands
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