Panasonic Video Streaming Encoder

Panasonic’s Lumix brand of cameras spans everything from compact point-and-shoots, tough adventure cameras, M43-based compact professional cameras and pro-level mirrorless SLR-style cameras, with superb photo/video features and even full cinematic 4K performance.

Panasonic AV-HLC100PC Live Production Center Streaming Switcher
  • SDI / HDMI / 3G-SDI Formats
  • 8x Video Inputs
  • 4x SDI / 3x SDI + HDMI Inputs
  • ME Mix Effects Bus
  • 190x Patterns
  • 2x Up Stream Keyers
  • 4x Video Output
  • BNC / 3G-SDI PGM
  • 1x Aux / 1x 3G-SDI Aux Bus Output
  • RTMP Format Streaming
  • 4x SDI/HDMI / 8x NDI / 2x 6.35mm / 3.5mm Audio Inputs
  • 2x SDI / 2x 6.35mm / 3.5mm / NDI Audio Outputs
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