Freefly Video Accessories

Freefly Systems’ products include the breakthrough MōVI products for handheld and mobile operation, the ALTA multi-rotor aerial platforms and the TERO remote vehicle.

Freefly MoVI Pro Handheld Bundle - With Bonus Bush Pilot
  • 6.8 kg (15 lbs) Max. Payload Capacity
  • 2.65 kg (5.84 lbs) Weight
  • Kit includes MoVI Pro, MoVI Ring Pro & MIMIC Controller
Special Order
Freefly HDMI - Right Angle Mini, (Type c) to Full Size (Type A), 70cm (27.56 in)
  • Mini HDMI to Full HDMI Connection
  • 70 cm (27.56") Length
In Stock
Freefly Lightweight HDMI Cable
  • HDMI Connection
In Stock
Freefly MoVI Pro Battery
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Compatible with MoVI Pro Ecosystem
Not In Stock
Freefly MoVI Rod Mount Adapter
  • Made for Freefly Adjustable Camera Plate
  • 15mm Rail Mount
In Stock
Freefly MoVI M10 Repair/Emergency Kit
  • Made for Freely MoVI
In Stock
Freefly MoVI Pro COM to Futaba Cable
  • Connects Futaba Receiver to MoVI Pro
Special Order
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