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Product Highlights
  • Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II Compatibility
  • 2.4 GHz Transmission
  • 24-200mm (14mm with Panel) Zoom Range
  • 0.1-1.2 Second Recycle Time
  • 4 x AA Battery Power

Estimated Release Date: Jun 26, 2024

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Canon Speedlite EL-10 Canon Speedlite EL-10
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Speedlite EL-10

The Speedlite EL-10 joins the Canon Speedlite family as a mid-range portable flash unit, replacing the Speedlite 430EX-III RT.  This flash is for those that want to step up from more basic flash units, expand their capabilities and really get into flash photography.  Like the previous Speedlite 430EX-III RT, this Speedlite packs about 1 stop less total flash power than the high-end Speedlites EL-5 and EL-1.  What it lacks in power is offset by its communication abilities being able to control up to 15 additional compatible Speedlite units.  Additionally, the new Multi-function connector at the EL-10’s “foot” enables advanced communication on multi-function shoe equipped cameras1 providing more customization and control to be shared between the flash and camera.

* Because of the transition to Canon’s Multi-function accessory shoe, please be aware that Speedlite EL-10 cannot be mounted or used on Canon cameras with other accessory shoe designs.

Key Features:

  • Portable & Indispensable
  • Control up to 15 additional EL or EX Speedlite flashes
  • Simple Advancements for Enhanced Results
  • More Flexibility for Increased Bounce Options
  • Dynamic, Flexible Wireless Functions
  • Always Ready for Action with easily replaceable AA batteries

A Flash For Everybody

Flash photography is an incredible way to improve your images, but most people find it intimidating. The Speedlite EL-10 is an affordable way to get your feet wet and see how much you can improve your images from low-light situations. There are also times when adding a splash of light can make all the difference in an image, even when the sun is shining.

Time to Bounce

One of the best features of a clip on flash is the ability to swivel and bounce light off of surfaces instead of aiming right at the subject (like you would with a built-in flash). The head of the flash can be pulled back to 90º (straight up), and can swivel to the left 150º and 180º to the right.

Let’s Get Wireless

One of the most exciting things in flash photography is taking the flash off camera to have the light come from an unexpected direction. You can easily achieve this with the ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter and a compatible flash, or you can use the EL-10 itself with up to 15 additional compatible flash units. This is where flash photography can get very creative!

Multi-Function Shoe Connection

The new digital connector at the bottom of the Speedlite EL-10’s Multi-function shoe “foot” allows for greater flash to camera communication.  In the case of the EL-10 you get superior coordination between the camera and the flash unit compared to previous Canon Speedlites, including the “Menu direct” function, Customize button function, and Custom flash modes. Gold-plated terminals in the shoe improve connection quality, and the installation status is checked before starting communications, to ensure reliable connection to cameras such as the Canon EOS R3, R7, R10, R50, and R6 Mark II.

Intuitive UI Design

Speedlite EL-10 sports a modern and refined look, featuring an easy-to-read dot-matrix LCD, and provides the same Menu direct + Select dial as the Speedlite 430EX II RT, that enables quick adjustments while shooting. With Camera-linked functions available through use of the “Speedlite menu direct button” in compatible EOS R-series camera’s “Customize Buttons” menu, the use of the dial can easily display “Flash function settings” or even “Quick flash group control” screens on the camera LCD screen for access to quick adjustments.

Custom Flash Modes C1, C2, C3

Changing flash modes and settings on the fly in high-stress situations can be extremely challenging – and with the addition of Custom Flash modes, the ability to instantly switch between registered setting including E-TTL auto flash to Manual flash and individual values is possible. This is extremely helpful in situations where ambient light changes frequently (Ex. shooting a bride and groom kissing on the alter, then switching exposure to a backlit scene as they walk out of the church.) This is also highly desirable when your priority for lighting changes from lighting a scene, to lighting only a face. This versatility can also link C1, C2, and C3 at the flash to C1, C2, and C3 at the camera on compatible cameras – allowing the recall of flash settings registered in Speedlite EL-10 using the camera’s shooting mode. By registering the flash settings in advance the flash mode is directly switched using the camera’s shooting mode setting.

Expanded App Controls

Canon’s Camera Connect smartphone app allows users to control the wireless flash settings, shutter release, and check photo results. The user can operate and configure these settings from a smartphone without touching the camera or flash unit(s). This is particularly useful for multi-flash shooting, shooting with flash unit(s) placed in hard-to-reach spots, and shooting with a limited number of assistants. The user can choose the placement and direction of each flash unit, and then use the app to adjust the light intensity while checking the shooting results on the smartphone screen.

What's Included

Speedlite EL-10
Mini Stand


Product Specifications

Speedlite EL-10


Compatible Cameras EOS cameras equipped with a Multi-function Shoe
Guide Number The maximum Guide No. is approximately 131.2 ft./40m at ISO 100 and 200mm flash coverage. -When the extendable wide panel is pulled out, the flash coverage is 14mm.
Minimum Flash Output 1/1024
• Minimum flash output is 1/128 when set to high-speed sync.
• Flash output 1/64 or less via expanded setting.
Continuous Flash count at full output To level 1: 55 times or more
To level 2: 65 times or more
Flash Exposure Compensation ±3 stops, in 1/3-stop or 1/2-stop*¹ increments.
*The Speedlite’s flash exposure compensation takes precedence if flash exposure compensation is performed by both the Speedlite and the camera. Users who prefer to enable flash exposure compensation by the camera should set flash exposure compensation by the Speedlite to 0.
*1: Corresponds to exposure level increments on the camera.
FEB ±3 stops, in 1/3-stop or 1/2-stop*¹ increments.

*FEB is automatically deactivated after three shots.
*Can be used with flash exposure compensation and FE lock.
*1: Corresponds to exposure level increments on the camera.
FE Lock Supported
FE Memory Supported
•Stores the flash output of E-TTL II / E-TTL autoflash and automatically sets the stored output level if users switch the flash mode to manual flash.

*Flash output may vary slightly between E-TTL autoflash and manual flash.

•Colours may vary between E-TTL autoflash and manual flash under the following conditions:

*When the colour temperature of the Speedlite light differs greatly from that of ambient lighting and flash exposure compensation is set toward the negative end.
*When E-TTL balance is set to [Ambience priority].

•Differences in colours between E-TTL autoflash and manual flash may be reduced by taking one of the follow steps:

*Using the provided colour filter.
*Setting white balance to an option other than AWB.
*When combined with specific cameras, FE Memory is possible by operating the camera buttons (by using the camera’s C.Fn of by custom buttons).
*Accessing the FE memory function using camera buttons requires a camera with updated firmware. For details on compatible cameras, refer to the separate camera compatibility list.
Wireless Functions via radio transmission The Speedlite EL-10 can be set to function as a sender or receiver in wireless flash photography using radio transmission

Second-curtain sync
The Speedlite EL-10 supports second-curtain synchronization in radio transmission wireless shooting.
Wireless Functions via optical transmission Not supported
Stroboscopic flash Not supported
Group firing details Enables separate configuration of flash firing control conditions 1-3 below for each groups (A, B, C, D, E), to combine multiple methods of flash firing control.
(1) E-TTL II / E-TTL autoflash
(2) Manual flash
(3) Auto external flash metering For all flash output set for groups A-E above, the same flash exposure compensation can be set.
*Flash exposure compensation ±3 stops
Test flash Available (Sender/Receiver)
Modeling flash Not available
Modeling lamp Not available
Receiver Functionality Sender unit functions that receivers can control remotely
•Remote release
•Test flash
•Modeling flash*1
*Sub-senders cannot be controlled remotely
*1. Modeling flash is only available by using the combination of a camera, not from ther EOS R series or the EOS M series, with a compatible Speedlite as a sender, and using EL-10 as a receiver.

Information Display

Size (HxV) Apprrox. 1.89 x 1.04"
Display Format Dot-matrix display
Dot Count Approx. 12,000 dots (172x72)


Power source Battery Pack - 4x AA/LR6 alkaline batteries
*AA/HR6 Ni-MH batteries can be used, AA/FR6 lithium batteries cannot be used.
Battery level indicator Not Supported
External power source Not Supported
Radio Transmission wireless shooting time Approx 9 hrs. continuously
*Time until the Speedlite turns off with sender flash firing disabled, when using radio transmission wireless
* Using new AA/LR6 Alkaline batteries, based on Canon testing standards.
Maximum flash count AA/LR6 alkaline batteries: Approx 210-1400 times
Size AA Ni-MH batteries: Approx. 260-1700 times
Dimensions Speedlite EL-10: 70.6 x 116.3 x 98.3 mm (2.8 x 4.6 x 3.9")
Mini Stand: 66.8 x 10.3 x 75.9 mm (2.6 x 0.4 x 3")
Weight Speedlite EL-10: Approx. 287 g (10.1 oz.)
Mini Stand: Approx. 22 g (0.8 oz.)
Speedlite Case:  Approx. 41 g (1.4 oz.)

Questions & Answers

Canon Speedlite EL-10

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