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Chimera Insert - Profoto #2330

Webcode: 244234 • Mfr: 23303000
  • Chimera Profoto Speed Ring Compatibility
  • Mounts similar to Zoom Reflector
  • Aluminum Material
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Chimera Speed Ring- Strobe for Profoto

Webcode: 108328 • Mfr: 2330
  • Fits Chimera Softbox onto Profoto Flash Head/HMI Head
  • Mounts similar to Zoom Reflector
  • Aluminum/Nylon Material
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Chimera Speed Ring for Canon TTL Strobes

Webcode: 107854 • Mfr: 2790
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  • Allows Mounting of a Softbox to a Shoe Mount Flash
  • Canon 430/420 Series/Nikon SB600 Compatibility
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Chimera Lowel Tota-Light Metal Ring

Webcode: 108063 • Mfr: 9510
  • Allows Mounting on a Lowel Tota Light
  • Included Stand Adapter Removes Weight of the Softbox
  • Enables Changing the Intensity of your source
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Chimera Chimera Super Pro X Plus Lightbank Medium 36"x 48" Silver Interior

Webcode: 279708 • Mfr: 1030
  • Silver Interior
  • 61 x 81 cm (36 x 48") Softbox
  • Front Diffuser Panel
  • Removable Interior Baffle
  • Does Not Include Speedring
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Chimera Bowens S-Mount - Metal Speed Ring 2490AL

Webcode: 108039 • Mfr: 2490AL

Chimera Speed Ring for Bowens Esprit II, Esprit DX, Small Series, Calumet Series II

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Chimera Rubber Collar - Profoto #2330

Webcode: 244235 • Mfr: 23302000
  • Chimera Profoto Speed Ring Compatibility
  • Rubber Material
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Chimera Video Pro Bank Plus XXS with 3 Screens

Webcode: 108179 • Mfr: 8105

Lightweight and portalbe, the XX-Small Video Pro Plus 1 provides the most spectral quality of light, images will appear sharp and more contrasting than a white interior light box.

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Chimera Elinchrom EL Speed Ring Strobe

Webcode: 108308 • Mfr: 2170
  • Allows Mounting on any Elinchrom Flash Head
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Chimera Lightbank Super Pro X White - Small Strip

Webcode: 279722 • Mfr: 1150
  • Small Stripbox
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