Community Resources

You see the world differently. And that’s why you’ll feel right at home here, because our Community Section is built for all who see the world just like you.

You were Born to Shoot.

You prefer images to words. Images just seem a more natural way to express yourself. Here, you can take comfort in finding others like yourself, including local shooters, artists and assistants, clubs and other resources in the photo and video industry. As an artist, there’s always room to grow. Here’s where you’ll find courses and seminars, shooting tips, buying guides, product reviews, and more.

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Vistek Community Resources

Student Deals

Earn top marks by securing exclusive low pricing on Student Deals, everything from cameras and lenses to lighting and other essentials.

Learning Events

The art of capturing images is a learning experience. Everyone wants to get better. No one can help you get there better than Vistek.

Imaging Blog

On the lookout for an informed opinion, particularly when it comes to new gear? As Canada’s leading source for pro equipment, we offer a unique perspective.

Free Directory 

Find local shooters, artists and assistants, clubs and other resources. Add your own free lisiting.

YouTube Channel

Absolutely riveting stuff! Everything from ‘how to’ videos and new product reviews to interviews with some of the country’s best image makers.

Community Gallery

Take your best shot and, after you do, this is where you want to post it. It’s a shared space filled with images that tell a story, portray emotion and inspire.

If it's new and exciting and you haven't seen it yet, chances are you'll see it launched at ProFusion.

Over the years we've showcased many 'first in Canada' product launches, including the most talked-about cameras, lighting, software, and more. And it's not just about getting a first-hand glimpse of new gear. It's about experiencing it in an intimate, interactive environment, unlike anything you've ever encountered at any other trade show.

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