Cinegears Video Lenses

It stands to reason, as DSLRs and mirrorless models are being used more often by cinematographers, there’s a requirement for specially designed cinema lenses. These lenses differ from photo lenses, and are built with features to meet the needs of image-makers shooting moving action.

Cinegears Power Distributor w/Voltage Meter & Surge Protect
  • Splits D-Tap Outlet into (4x) P-Tap, (2x) USB & AUX Outlet
  • Surge & Reverse Polarity Protection
  • LED Voltage Display Screen
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Cinegears 5cm Rod Bracket for 15mm Rod
  • Cinegears Lens Control motors Compatibility
  • 5 cm (2") Length
  • 15mm Clamp
  • Aluminum/Steel Material Construction
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Cinegears Single Axis Wireless Finger Wheel
  • Big Diameter Magnetic Focus Marking Knob
  • Dry Erase Markers for Cinegears Wireless Mini Controller Compatibility
  • High-Density Plastic Material Construction
  • Includes Focus Knob, Focus Indicator Plate, Quick Release Screw & Velcro
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