Product Highlights
  • Tungsten to Daylight Lighting Filter
  • Half Sheet (20 x 24") Filter Size
1/8 C.T. Blue
1/4 C.T. Blue
1/2 C.T. Blue
1 C.T. Blue
1 1/2 C.T. Blue
Lee Filters 20"x24"  Eighth C.T.Blue Lighting Filter Lee Filters 20"x24" Eighth C.T.Blue Light...
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Converts tungsten to daylight.  Half Sheet -  20" x 24"


Product Specifications

 Tristimulus values & chromaticity coordinates 
X Source C - 79.2
Tungsten 3200K - 83.2
 Y Source C - 81.3
Tungsten 3200 K - 80.2
 Z Source C - 104.3
Tungsten 3200 K - 39.3
 x Source C - 0.299
Tungsten 3200 K - 0.411
 y Source C - 0.307
Tungsten 3200 K - 0.395
abs Source C - 0.09
Tungsten 3200 K - 0.10
stop value Source C - 1/3
Tungsten 3200 K - 1/3

Questions & Answers

Lee Filters 20"x24" Eighth C.T.Blue Lighting Filter

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