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Product Highlights
  • T2.9 Aperture
  • Super35 Format
  • 82mm Filter Diameter
  • MFT Mount
Lens Mount:
Sony E
Micro Four Thirds
Canon RF
MK-R 50-135mm
Fujinon MK18-55MM T2.9 M4/3 Lens Fujinon MK18-55MM T2.9 M4/3 Lens
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The Dawn of a New Era

Fujinon Cine Lenses are used to shoot movies, commercials, and television dramas all over the world. These lenses have world-class performance and quality ingrained in their DNA. Now, with the debut of the MK Lens Series, that heritage finds a new form. Fujifilm has developed a new pair of cinema lenses to resolve the less-than-satisfactory aspects of DSLR lenses when used for cine applications. These new lenses produce the high performance and high-quality images demanded by newly developing production markets such as movie distribution services, independent film production, and wedding videos.

  • Front diameter: 85mm

    MK Lenses feature a front diameter of 85mm, ensuring compatibility with standard matte boxes.
  • Filter diameter: 82mm

    The filter diameter of MK Lenses is standardized at 82mm, making it easy to share filters between models.
  • Gear rings are located at the same position

    The gear rings for focus, zoom and iris are located at the same position on two MK Lenses, so there's no need to readjust the position of accessories.
  • Macro function

    MK Lenses feature a macro function that lets you close focus from 0.38m with the MK18-55mm and from 0.85m with the 50-135mm at the wide end.
  • Flange focal distance adjustment function

    MK Lenses feature a flange focal distance adjustment mechanism, which lets you adjust the distance for individual cameras.
  • Bundled zoom lever

    A zoom lever is included to improve zoom ring operability.
  • Bundled support foot

    A bundled support foot provides stability to reduce blurring due to the weight of the lens.
  • Bundled lens hood

    A dedicated lens hood to suppress flare and ghosting further expands the possibilities for visual representation.

Suppress focus shifts while zooming

With a conventional DSLR lens, the focal point shifts while zooming. This means you have to refocus the lens each time you change the angle of view. MK Lenses suppress focus shifts by driving the front focus group and the zoom group independently. Since MK Lenses suppress optically and mechanically, it also eliminates the time lags you get with electric controls.

Suppress lens breathing

When you are focusing with a conventional DSLR lens, you may notice an unnatural change in the angle of view-making it look as if you are zooming. This effect, called "lens breathing," is suppressed thanks to MK Lenses' front inner focus system. This allows you smooth and comfortable focusing of dramatically important scenes.

Suppress optical axis shifts while zooming

In a conventional DSLR lens, optical axis shifts occur while zooming, causing the lens to skew off center from the subject. MK Lenses suppress such skewing by adopting assembly technologies proven in FUJINON Cine Lenses. This lets you shoot a composition just the way you intended.

Sophisticated Operability that brings out its full potential as a cinema lens

  • 200° focus rotation angle

    MK Lenses feature a 200° focus rotation angle-more than double that of a typical DSLR lens. This allows you to focus on images with shallow depths of field, which requires high accuracy.
  • Fully manual operation with three mechanical lens rings

    MK Lenses are equipped with three independently operated mechanical lens rings for focus, zoom, and iris. Because you can adjust the zoom, focus, and iris via fully manual mechanisms, you can operate the camera intuitively without the time lags you get with electric controls.
  • 0.8M standardized gear pitch 

    Each of the three operating rings (focus, zoom, iris) features an identical 0.8M gear pitch - the same as on all FUJINON Cine Lenses. This allows you to use follow-focus and other standard cine accessories.
  • Seamless iris

    The iris ring features a seamless mechanism that gives you greater precision when adjusting exposure. It operates without the vibrations and noise that you get with a clicking mechanism.

Continuing the legacy of superior optical performance of "Made in Japan" FUJINON Cine Lenses

MK Lenses feature outstanding optical performance and low disortion - from the center to the corners across the entire zoom range. Colour is standardized in line with all of the FUJINON HK, ZK and XK Series, simplifying the calibration of colour grading when you use multiple lenses together.

Compact, lightweight body thanks to Super 35mm sensor compatibility and dedicated E-mount design

Both the MK18-55mm and MK50-135mm achieve a compact, lightweight body, thanks to Super 35mm sensor compatibility and dedicated E-mount design. This portability is ideal for solo operation and run-and-gun shooting, where mobility is crucial.

T2.9 speed across the entire zoom range

MK Lenses feature a consistent T2.9 speed throughout the 18 to 55mm and 50 to 135mm focal lengths. This allows you to shoot with shallow depths of field with a beautiful bokeh effect. The constant T-stop also contributes to reduced effort readjusting the lighting and consequently shorter overall shooting times.

Covering the standard focal lengths for cinema production

The focal lengths of the MK18-55mm and MK50-135mm overlap between 50 and 55mm.  The two MK Lenses together fully cover the standard 18 to 135mm focal lengths used in cinema production.

What's Included

MK18-55mm T2.9 Lens
Front Lens Cap
Rear Lens Cap


Product Specifications

FUJINON MK18-55mm T2.9

Lens Mount E-mount
Focal length 18-55mm
F-No. F2.75
T-No. T2.9
Image size 24.84 x 13.97mm (ø28.5mm)
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.) 0.85m/2', 9"
(with macro function: 0.38m/1', 2.9")
Object Dimensions at M.O.D
(HxV) 16:9 Aspect Ratio *
18mm: 924 x 520mm
55mm: 291 x 164mm
Angle of View
(HxV) 16:9 Aspect Ratio *

18mm: 69.2° x 42.4°

55mm: 25.5° x 14.5°

Iris blades 9
Filter diameter 82mm
Front diameter 85mm
Length 206.3mm
Weight (Approx.) 980 g
  * Sensor size: 24.84 x 13.97mm

Questions & Answers

Fujinon MK18-55MM T2.9 M4/3 Lens

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