• Rental ID: R304916
Included in Rental
  • 1 K-Tek K-BC Boom Pole Cradle Support for Microphone Stands
  • 1 Kupo KCP-200B 2.5" Grip Head-Black
Available in Calgary and Toronto


The K-BC cradles the boom between two polyurethane pads supporting it over 2 square inches for a rigid hold. The pads also help isolate the pole from vibration conducted from the floor through the c-stand.

The K-BC attaches to a universal grip Knuckle with a stainless steel spud. This connects to a machined aluminum "I" beam shaft supporting the two swiveled pole cradles. Each pole cradle is attached to its "I" beam support through Teflon impregnated Delrin bearings. Compared to nylon which has a tendency to absorb moisture and swell, the K-BC's bearings allows the cradle to move smoothly in any environment.

Product Specifications

Detailed Specifications
Weight 1.032 lbs (486g)