• Rental ID: R306054
Included in Rental
  • 1 Nanlite Mixpad RGB 173 Bi Color LED
  • 1 Nanlite Mixpad AC Adapter
  • 1 Nanlite Mixpad Hot Shoe Adapter
  • 1 Nanlite AC Holder w/ stand adapter
  • 2 Sony NPF970 InfoLithium L Type
  • 1 Atomos AC Charger, Battery Plate & Cable
  • 1 Atomos Sony battery adapter
Product Highlights
  • Bi Colour LED Light
  • Ultrathin Design
  • Dimmer, 2.4G, Wifi Dimmer Control
  • Ra 95 CRI (Ra)
  • 3700 LM Illumination
  • 3200K-5600K Colour Temperature
  • 27W Power
  • Sony NP-FM, NP-F Series Li-Battery & Panasonic CGR-D Series Battery Power Source
  • Fully Dimmable
  • Includes Hot Shoe Adapter, AV+C Power Supply & Bag
  • Includes Lighting Stand Mount with Adjustable Thumb Screw
Available in Toronto


3 lights in one!

Select from Soft Fill or Hard Bi-Colour Light or Coloured Light - Whenever and Wherever you need it!

This portable “tablet” sized Mixpad light is an extension of the popular Luxpad Softlight panel series, with similar panel size but slightly thicker to accommodate additional LEDs. It has 3 operational modes: Mode one mimics the same edge light, soft light, Bi-colour dimmable output of a Luxpad, while a second hard light bi-colour mode is added with additional rear focused bi-colour LEDs. The third RGB mode created with banks of adjustable rear coloured LEDs, allowing you to create virtually any type of continuous light output you want with this ingenious portable panel.

Key Features:

  • Bi-color 3200-5600 soft or hard light modes 
  • RGB colour light mode 
  • Fully dimmable 
  • Dual power AC or optional NPF-L battery operation 
  • Optional remote or WiFi Box with App control
  • Hold in-hand, or install on a stand
  • Thin, Portable Design

Three Lighting Modes Available:

  • RGB Coloured light
  • Bi-Colour Soft Light
  • Bi-Colour Hard Light

What's Included

RGB MIXPAD 173 Bi-Colour LED Light
Articulating Lighting Stand Mount with Adjustable Thumb Screw
AV+C Power Supply
Carrying Bag
1-Year Canadian Parts and Labour Warranty

Product Specifications


Power Source Sony NP-FM NP-F Series Li-battery
Panasonic CGR-D Series battery 
Power 27W 
CRI Ra 95 

5600K Flat LED: 1M-288Lux, 2M-100Lux, 3M-56Lux
5600K Flat LED: 1M-282Lux, 2M-100Lux, 3M-54Lux

5600K LED Bulb: 1M-1231Lux, 2M-340Lux, 3M-170Lux
5600K LED Bulb: 1M-1065Lux, 2M-295Lux, 3M-145Lux

Red LED  Bulb: 1M-196Lux, 2M-55Lux, 3M-27Lux
Green LED  Bulb: 1M-608Lux, 2M-200Lux, 3M-98Lux
Blue LED  Bulb: 1M-137Lux, 2M-45Lux, 3M-22Lux

Brightness Control Dimmer, 2.4G, Wifi 
Colour Temperature 3200K-5600K