Grip Heads

Manfrotto D200 Griphead W/16 mm Socket

Webcode: 102544 • Mfr: D200
  • 2-1/2" Grip Head
  • Aluminum Material Construction
  • 16 mm (5/8”) Socket Connection
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Manfrotto Gag Gobo Grip Head

Webcode: 281248 • Mfr: D250

This unique double Grip Head system provides the flexibility of a second grip head allowing hundreds of uses including doubling up scrims and flags.

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Kupo KCP-310 EZ Grip Finger

Webcode: 225000 • Mfr: KCP-310
  • 16 mm Socket (Inside) & 28 mm (Outside) Adapter
  • Socket Pivots from -45° to 90° & Collar Rotates 360°
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Rotolight Luxury Foam Hand Grip with 1/4" 20 Male Stud *Promo*

Webcode: 419787 • Mfr: RL-GRIP-14
  • 1/4"-20 Male Stud Connection
  • Rubber Padding Provides Comfort & Better Grip
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Manfrotto D100 Double Griphead

Webcode: 102543 • Mfr: D100

A combination of two sets of griphead discs mounted on a steel plate with a 3/8" rod. Attachment: 3/8 X 5.3" rod.

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Manfrotto D400 Jumbo Griphead

Webcode: 102551 • Mfr: D400

Designed to convert a Junior Stand into an overhead stand, the D400 incorporates a 4-1/2" (10mm) grip head with a junior stud and receiver.

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