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  • MagBox 24 Octa Compatibility
  • Control light spill
  • Increase effective light output
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A whole new way to modify your light

The FocusDiffuser acts like a grid and a lens combined, allowing you to control light spill and increase the effective light output. Inside the FocusDiffuser, micro-structures alter the angle of light in 40 or 20-degree beam angles, softly redirecting light forward and causing less spill.

The FocusDiffuser controls light like a grid and focuses light like a lens—all while keeping it super soft.

The FocusDiffuser actually increases the effective light output of your light - just like a fresnel lens! Our popular MagBeam (launched 2 years ago here on Kickstarter), introduced spotlight-like control and light intensity in a small modifier, and now the FocusDiffuser gives you the same increase in effective light output potential in a larger modifier.

Better control of soft light

What MagMod’s MagGrid is to bare speedlights, the FocusDiffuser is to softboxes. Create beautiful soft light and place it exactly where you want it. The FocusDiffuser limits spill to give you the control you need to work more efficiently and save time in post.

Easier than a fabric grid

With an old-style softbox, your options for controlling light were limited to a fragile fabric grid that attached with annoying, noisy velcro. Lamesauce! The FocusDiffuser attaches to the MagBox in one second—quickly, quietly and easily—because magnets. And when you’re done with it, you can roll it up neatly and store it safely inside our MagBox Case.

Up to 700% more light

When compared to traditional softboxes, the MagBox with FocusDiffuser is up to 2.8 stops brighter. It gives you the softness you’d expect with the control and precision of a grid, all while increasing the total light on your subject by up to 700% when compared to other competing softboxes.


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MagMod MagBox 24 Octa Focus Diffuser

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