Product Highlights
  • Full-Colour Mini LED Light
  • 2,000 - 10,000K Colour Temperature
  • 95+ CRI (Ra)
  • 770LM Illumination
  • USB Type-C Input
  • 4200 mAh Battery Capacity
  • OLED Display
  • 15.5 Wh
  • 7.5w Max. Power
  • 120 mins Battery Life
Aputure MT Pro-1 Mini Tube LED Light Kit Aputure MT Pro-1 Mini Tube LED Light K...
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MT Pro | Full-Colour Mini LED Light

The MT Pro is Aputure’s first-ever full-colour mini LED tube light. As part of the Mini Series, the MT Pro shines as a fixture that can fit into compact spaces with professional CRMX connectivity and unparalleled pixel controls. Its most show-stopping feature is its unmatched pixel density. With 36 RGBWW pixels inside of a 1-foot tube-style LED, the MT Pro produces incredibly smooth pixel chases and effects, with the ability to transition between pixels at high speeds.

Key Features:

  • 7.5W Output Pixel-Mappable RGBWW Mini Tube LED
  • 614 lux @ 0.5m (6500K)
  • Industry-leading Pixel Density: 36 Pixels in 1 Foot
  • Ultra-Fine Pixels: 0.8cm (0.3in) Wide
  • Ultra-Thin Bezels & 180° Aperture
  • CRI: 95, TLCI: 98
  • TM-30 Rf (ave): 93, TM-30 Rg (ave): 102, SSI (D56): 73, SSI (tungsten): 84
  • Fully Tunable CCT from 2,000K to 10,000K

In addition to 9 System FX and 7 Pixel FX, the MT Pro is equipped with other advanced features unique to the Aputure and amaran ecosystems, such as Picker FX and Custom FX which can be stored using the Sidus Link app for easy access to different light modes. For full creative freedom, it also features critical colour controls (including advanced HSI with white-point adjustability, xy and RGB) and professional options, such as LumenRadio CRMX for wireless DMX and RDM controls.

The solid construction of the MT Pro also benefits Aputure’s high standard for build quality, with its lightweight 391g aluminum housing, and built-in USB-C rechargeable battery that can operate the MT Pro at its 7.5W max output for 120 minutes. Featuring ultra-thin bezels and a 180° aperture, the MT Pro can be left bare for greater lighting coverage and used as an in-camera practical. Alternatively, use the MT Pro's integrated magnets, the included mini tripod, or collapsible 45° light control grid for additional versatility and control across all shooting environments.

Additional Features:

  • Fully Tunable Green-Magenta Adjustment (Full Plus/Minus Green)
  • Built-In Lithium-polymer Battery (approx. 120 min. @ Max Power)
  • >90% of Colours Within Rec.2020 Colour Space
  • Advanced HSI with White Point CCT Control
  • Industry-standard X,Y (CIE 1931) & RGB Tunability
  • 0-100% Stepless Brightness Control
  • Multiple Control Methods: Sidus Link Bluetooth App Control, DMX/RDM, LumenRadio CRMX
  • Supports SidusPro FX, Including Manual FX, System FX, Picker FX, Magic Program, and Music FX
  • Save Up to 10 Custom FX and 10 Music FX for Quick Access
  • 19 DMX Profiles: High & Low-Density Pixel Controls
  • 9 Built-In System FX: Fireworks, Fire, Paparazzi, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Cop Car, Lightning, Party Lights
  • 7 Built-In Pixel FX: Colour Fade, Colour Cycle, One Pixel Chase, Two Pixel Chase, Three Pixel Chase, Rainbow, Pixel Fire
  • Included Carrying Case for light fixture, tripod & grid

The MT Pro's 7.5 max output power is able to produce up to 614 lux at 0.5 meters, and is the latest addition to Aputure's full-colour family of lights, utilizing the same foundational RGBWW technology as other professional fixtures, including the LS 600c Pro and Nova P600c.

The proprietary chipset produces stunning colour quality throughout its wide CCT range of 2,000K to 10,000K with full green-magenta adjustment, and the ability to reproduce >90% of Colours Within Rec.2020 Colour Space. The MT Pro will always produce accurate skin tones with Aputure's high standards for colours, measuring at CRI: 95+, TLCI: 98+, SSI (D56): 73, and SSI (Tungsten): 84.

With its versatile skillset and compact size, the MT Pro is ideal for a number of users and use cases. Its compact size, magnets, and built-in battery allow it to be easily hidden away from camera. And while tucked away, it can still be controlled remotely using LumenRadio CRMX or direct Sidus Link App Control.

These same features, combined with its razor-thin bezels also make the MT Pro an ideal in-camera practical that can blend right into a scene. For users who want precision pixel control, for close-up or practical lighting effects, the MT Pro's 36 pixels are controllable via DMX and CRMX for the ultimate customization. Whether for its compact size or abundance of professional features, the MT Pro has a place in the toolkit of every creative, from lighting technicians to product cinematographers.

What's Included

MT Pro Full-Colour Mini LED Light
45° Fabric Light Control Grid
Mini Tripod with 1/4"-20 Ball Head
USB Type-C Charging Cable
Carrying Case


Product Specifications

MT Pro Full-Colour Mini LED Light

CCT 2000 - 10000K
CRI 95+
TLCI 98+
CQS 96+
SSI (D56) 73+
SSI (Tungsten) 84+
TM-30 RF (Average) 93
TM-30 RG (Average) 102
Max. Power Output 7.5 W
Max. Power Consumption 9 W
Lumens 770lm
Max Operating Current 1.0 A
Operating Voltage 7 V
Charging Input USB Type-C, 5V/2A
Lithium-Polymer Battery 4200mAh 3.7V, 15.5Wh
Battery Life Approx. 120 Mins @ Max Output
Charge Time Approx. 120 Mins (5v/2A)
Pixel Mapping 36 Pixels
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 45°C / 14°F ~ 113°F
Dimming 0-100%
Control Methods On-board, Sidus Link App, DMX/RDM, LumenRadio CRMX
Wireless Operating Range (Bluetooth) ≤80m / ≤262.5ft
Wireless Operating Range (LumenRadio) ≤100m / ≤328ft
Screen Type OLED
Firmware Upgradeable Sidus Link
Cooling Method Passive Cooling
Dimensions 30 x 4 x 3.5 cm (11.81 x 1.57 x 1.38")
Weight 391 g (13.7 oz)

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Aputure MT Pro-1 Mini Tube LED Light Kit

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