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Product Highlights
  • LED Light Fixture
  • 350W Power
  • 2700K-6500K Colour Temperature
  • 96 CRI (Ra)
  • On-board, 2.4G, Bluetooth, App, DMX/RDM Control
  • 0-100% Dimming
  • DC(Battery)14.4V-14.8V/12A, AC100-240V 50/60Hz Input Voltage/Current
  • Bowens Mount
Nanlite Forza 300B II LED Bi-color Spot Light Nanlite Forza 300B II LED Bi-color Spo...
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Forza 300B II | LED Bi-Colour Spotlight
Match Any Light Source

An upgrade from first generation to explore the potential of small and compact LED even further.

The true potential of compact & lightweight LED spotlights has been realized with the new, 2nd-generation Forza 300 II, 300B II, 500 II & 500B II

Based on years of genuine user feedback and their own research and development, NANLITE is ready to demonstrate how much their LED spotlights have improved since they were first introduced three years ago. With the new Forza 60 II and 60B II, many aspects have been taken to the next level without compromising the strengths on first generation, such as interaction, control, noise management, and more.

Key Features:

  • Wide CCT range of 2700K-6500K covering both 300W and 500W power draw
  • Come with a glass protection for COB to eliminate external intrusion
  • Feature a built-in W(RG)/WW(RG) light mixing colour calibration system with G/M±80 tunability
  • Excellent colour rendition with CRI/TLCI scores of 96/97 for Forza 300/500 II and CRI/TLCI scores of average 96/97 for Forza 300B/500B II
  • Compact design for control box with power adapter incorporated inside, reducing the overall control unit size of Forza 300/300B II by 37% and Forza 500/500B II by 16%
  • Form factor innovations, including V-mount battery plates on both sides, curved yoke with one-sided locking mechanism and integrated quick release device
  • Comprehensive controlling methods, including on-board, 2.4G, DMX/RDM and NANLINK APP
  • Pack 11 effects in Forza 300/500 II and 12 effects in Forza 300B/500B II respectively with parameters for every single effect customizable
  • Both dual and single battery power solution enabling hot plugging as well as hot swapping between AC/DC for Forza 300/300B II & 500/500B II
  • Integrate a new adjustable cooling system with 4 operation modes available: SMART, FULL SPEED, LOW SPEED and OFF
  • Come with standard Bowens mount with an extra umbrella mount
  • Support firmware update by flash drive

Four point-source lights take to the stage at the same time to recombine the DNA of Forza and revamp the process of creation even more. Covering power consumption of 300W/500W and CCT range of 2700K-6500K, more possibilities in creation will be opened up with them working together with other Forzas that are already making a difference on the market.

Forza 300/300B II & 500/500B II inherit the same Forza gene featuring an even field of light with quality. The typical intensity loss when adding bi-colour functionality is avoided this time. All fixtures feature W(RG)/WW(RG) light mixing colour calibration systems with G/M±80 tunability. NANLITE R&D team thus provide creators with perfect weapons to tackle various lighting situations with ease.

Colour rendering capabilities of Forza 300/300B II & 500/500B II have been re-evaluated and improved in a comprehensive manner as well, making them reliable additions to filmmakers’ toolkit. Giving true-to-life colours is a sure thing with Forza 300/500 II CRI/TLCI scores of 96/97 and Forza 300B/500B II CRI/TLCI scores of average 96/97.

In terms of both form factor and internal structure, enormous efforts have been put into perfecting the designs. The control box features a new compact concept with the power adapter incorporated inside, reducing the overall control unit size of Forza 300/300B II by 37% and Forza 500/500B II by 16%. V-mount battery plates on both sides, curved yoke with one-sided locking mechanism and integrated quick-release device all provide more convenience on set.

The control interface features intuitive operation with comprehensive controlling methods. All four fixtures include built-in 2.4G and Bluetooth dual modules, providing a playground for NANLINK to stretch its muscles in studio shooting and live streaming. Support DMX/RDM control via wire connection to meet the exacting demands of film crews for more complicated lighting control in groups with precision and stability.

When it comes to power supplies, these four fixtures can handle a variety of shooting scenarios effortlessly with dual batteries, and 14.4V-14.8V batteries can be used simultaneously. All units also support single battery power operation for fast power switching when in low battery. This innovation enables hot plugging as well as hot swapping between AC/DC for Forza 300/300B II & 500/500B II, free of interruption of operation.

The Forza II series incorporates a new adjustable cooling system with 4 operation modes available: SMART, FULL SPEED, LOW SPEED and OFF. Noise level lowers to 23dBA in SMART mode. Noise management is also greatly optimized over the last generation in FULL SPEED mode. There will be no noise interference concerns for sound-sensitive shooting environments, such as interview, MV and TVC shooting.

The Forza 300/300B II & 500/500B II come with a standard Bowens mount with an extra umbrella mount. Assorted modifiers under NANLITE or other third parties can be attached seamlessly to unleash infinite light-shaping possibilities. Not only does the quick release clamp come standard, but also the extended connection cables -– DC connection cable (3M) and AC connection cable(6M). With 7.5M and 12M DC connection cables sold separately, rigging the fixtures up high on set will be a breeze. The included carrying bag has been upgraded as well – made of solid hollow plates and with enhanced stitches outside for more durability.

With 11 effects built in Forza 300/500 II and 12 effects built in Forza 300B/500B II respectively, the lights help bring complex creative ideas to life for filmmakers. All FXs are striving for a harmonious blending of practical imitation and artistic modification as well as expanding the possibility of the scenarios you pictured in mind. Parameters for every single effect are tunable via on-board control with more customization available via NANLINK APP. Built-in USB port allows for firmware upgrade via USB flash drive, leaving the door open for unfolding potentials in the future.

What's Included

Forza 300B II LED Spotlight
Control Unit
Connection Cable (3m)
Power Cable (6m)
COB Protective Cap
Quick Release Clamp
User Manual
DMX Reference Guide
Carrying Bag


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Nanlite Forza 300B II LED Bi-color Spot Light

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