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Product Highlights
  • All-in-One Multi-Camera Live Streaming
  • Encoder, Monitor, Switcher, & Recorder
  • Horizontal & Vertical Orientation
  • 8" LCD Touchscreen
  • Live Switch Between 10+ Sources
  • 4 x HDMI,1 x USB-C & 2 x USB-A Input
  • H.265 up to UHD 4K Video Support
  • 650 cd/m² Brightness
  • Stream via Ethernet, Wi-Fi 6, 4G Network
  • 1x SD Card Slot Recording
YoloBox Mini
YoloBox Pro
YoloBox Ultra
YoloLiv YOLOBOX-ULTRA All-in-One Multi-Camera Live Streaming Encoder, Switcher, Monitor, and Recorder YoloLiv YOLOBOX-ULTRA All-in-One Multi...
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YoloBox Ultra

Portable Multi-Camera Live Streaming Studio with Encoder/Switcher/Monitor/Recorder All in One.

Take your live stream production to another new level with the YoloBox Ultra. This advanced device empowers you to create professional live streams from anywhere, offering an even wider range of features and capabilities.

YoloBox Ultra allows you to stream at 4K, ISO recording all your video inputs completely and separately, and stream both horizontally and vertically, which merges the combining features of YoloBox and Instream. You can simultaneously stream to 3 horizontal destinations including Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, or custom RTMP destinations, or 2 vertical platforms including Instagram and TikTok. YoloBox Ultra features multiple updates from the YoloBox Pro, including 4 HDMI inputs, 2 USB inputs, 4K streaming and recording, a Qualcomm 865 encoder/processor, H.265 encoding, a high-capacity 20,000mAh internal battery and a and a 8" LCD touchscreen display with higher 650 cd/m² brightness.

Key Features:

  • 4K Streaming, ISO Recording
  • 4 x HDMI & 2 x USB Inputs + HDMI Out 
  • Lin In & Mic In + Audio Out
  • NDI + SRT Input & Output
  • USB Webcam Out + External Hard Drive
  • Stream via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, USB Dongle
  • Built-In Battery with up to 75.48Wh(Up to 6 hours)
  • Network Bonding(3 Sims + Wifi + Ethernet)
  • Supports H.264 & H.265
  • Multistream to Facebook, YouTube, RTMP(up to 3 platforms)
  • Multistream to TikTok, Instagram(2 vertical platforms)
  • Encoder, Monitor, Switcher, Recorder all in one
  • Live Switch from up to 10 Sources
  • 1 x SD Card for Recording & Media Assets
  • 650 cd/m² Brightness
  • 8" Touchscreen Control LCD Display

The YoloBox Ultra inherits various features from the YoloBox Pro, including customizable graphics, Chroma key, Inviting guests,  Instant replay, Auto-switching, Video cropping, Multi-Views (PIP, Split View, Side by Side, News Layout, Triple), Background music, Fade-to-black transition, Audio mixing, Web URL overlays, PDF and images video inputs, among many others.

The YoloBox Ultra allows you to connect or combine up to 5 internet sources - 4G LTE cellular, WiFi, Ethernet, and USB Dongle - into a single faster, and more reliable connection, ensuring a stable live stream. The intuitive 8" touchscreen display showcases the streaming image, input streams, and control interface, allowing you to easily switch between different sources with a simple touch. Furthermore, the YoloBox Ultra provides an HDMI output, allowing you to display your stream locally on an optional HDMI display for convenient monitoring. 

Supporting input resolutions ranging up to 4K using the H.264 and H.265 codecs based on your settings, the YoloBox Ultra offers the flexibility to stream resolutions from 480p to 4K to any destination, horizontally and vertically. You can record all video inputs, as well as the program video in high-quality .mp4 format directly into the built-in SD card or USB flash drive up to 1TB  in capacity, giving you full flexibility in post-production.

In summary, the YoloBox Ultra combines powerful features, versatile connectivity options, and a user-friendly interface, making it the ultimate live-streaming companion. Elevate your live streaming, captivate your audience, and unlock endless creative possibilities with this all-in-one solution that packs a punch.

4K Streaming

YoloBox Ultra supports streaming up to 4K, which is 4x more resolution than 1080P.  This is a huge leap forward for video quality.

ISO Recording

YoloBox Ultra allows you to capture all the video inputs as well as the program video and save them separately into SD card or USB flash drive according to your option. You can also adjust the resolution, frame rate, and bitrate for each recording accordingly.

Horizontal & Vertical Streaming

YoloBox Ultra will first push your feed to the YoloLIV platform, from where it automatically forwards your feed to a maximum of 3 destinations simultaneously, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or custom RTMP destinations. If you select the vertical streaming mode, you will be able to stream to two vertical platforms simultaneously like Instagram, TikTok. 

* Please note that at times a streaming service may change their policies, which will cause issues with integration; this is usually a temporary situation.

Network Functions/Bonding

The device works as an encoder that allows for live streaming, and it supports network bonding as well. You can combine up to 4 internet sources - 4G LTE cellular, WiFi, Ethernet and USB Dongle - into a single faster, more reliable connection.

Touchscreen Control

The YoloBox Ultra  provides you with a 8" LCD display with 650 cd/m² brightness interface for easy streaming and control.

Stream YoloCast Events

With a YoloBox Ultra and a YoloCast paid plan, if you do outdoor live streaming and do not want to carry the laptop with you, now you can set up YoloCast events on YoloBox Ultra ahead of time. Whenever you need to go live, simply select one on YoloBox Ultra and push the "Go Live" button. YoloCast also provides a world of features that can greatly level up your video productions.

Video/Instant Replay

Enhance your live sports productions with the power of instant replay. With YoloBox Ultra Video Replay, the operator can review the action and jump back to any point in the game, all with real-time control over camera angle and playback speed. Instant Replay also allows you to save replays as new sources in MP4 format in YoloBox Ultra. The replays will be simultaneously stored on your SD card.

USB Webcam Out

The USB webcam out feature allows you to output both video and audio to your computer for meetings on Zoom, Skype, Teams, and more. The feature allows you to invite guests or add background music for a countdown timer.


The auto-switching feature allows you to automatically rotate between multiple video sources, including camera angles (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3, HDMI 4, and USB Type-C), SD card (videos and PDF), multi-views (PIP, Side by Side, Split View, News Layout, and Triple), and live stream (as video source). This feature is especially useful if you are running a production by yourself, or if you want to have continuous camera switching.

Video Cropping

Whether to remove some unwanted margin of video input, resize game capture, zoom video conferencing, or create a close-up view, video cropping has all you need. 

Wireless Phone Camera/Inviting Guests

Invite up to five guests to join your stream from anywhere. Create dynamic, collaborative live streams with guests even though they cannot be on site. 

Switching and Encoding Functions

The device works as a switcher, with a variety of multi-views including picture-in-picture, side by side, split view, news layout and triple. It has a built-in encoder that allows for live streaming, and it can record to optional SD card or USB flash drive up to 128GB.

Graphic Overlays

  • You can brand your live stream by adding logos/watermarks/rolling captions
  • Customized PiP options, including Interview mode, allow you to bring a unique look and feel to your stream
  • Engage with your audience in real time via feature comment overlays
  • The customizable scoreboard feature displays a real-time-controlled scoreboard for professional looking results
  • Built-in lower-thirds templates can be edited or you can add your own
  • Enter an URL of a customized scoreboard generated from a live graphics platform like or for professional sports events

Scoreboard Countdown Timer

You can easily create a timer or reset it whenever you want with just one tap. The longest time period supported is 100 minutes, satisfying various live streaming scenarios and taking your live production to a new level of flexibility.

Audio Mixing

Built-in audio mixer with easy setup. Fine-tune each channel of audio individually to deliver the best sound to your audiences.


You can connect to the internet using the Ethernet port, Wi-Fi, and via cell service using an optional SIM card.

SD Card Input

Roll in pre-recorded videos for intro, countdown, B-roll, or special segments from an SD media card. Two videos supported from SD card: users can now add a total of 3 sources (2 videos and 1 PDF) from the SD card, and a total of 10 video sources (3 HDMI + 1 USB Type-C + 2 SD card videos + 1 PDF). You can also add up to 10 static images or GIFs with automatic image changing.

PDF & Images as Video Sources

  • You can load a PDF as a local source to your YoloBox Ultra and turn pages manually. 
  • You can load up to 10 images as video sources to your YoloBox Ultra

Battery Life

The internal 20,000mAh battery can power your YoloBox Ultra for approximately 6 hours. The YoloBox Ultra charges via a USB Type-C input, which is used for power only.


Questions & Answers

YoloLiv YOLOBOX-ULTRA All-in-One Multi-Camera Live Streaming Encoder, Switcher, Monitor, and Recorder

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