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153 Productions Cinematography and Media Group


Woodbridge, ON , Canada


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Gabriella Letterio


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Toronto & Central Ontario


Wedding, Music Videos and commercials



Formerly operated as Triumph Video Productions from 1992 to 2003. 153 Productions brings a new fresh look to wedding videos, the best way to describe the reasons why to use a DSLR is as quoted in this article: The magic that video DSLRs offer is their large sensors (at last when compared to video cameras). No, not for the purposes of increased resolution. 1080 and 720 are what they are, and a larger sensor doesn't provide any higher resolution. Rather, because these larger sensors allow for narrower depth of field. Of course it's not the sensor size so much as it is that for a given aperture and focal length one gets narrower DOF with a larger sensor as a consequence of their using longer focal length lenses for the same image magnification. This is the holy grail for many film makers: the narrow DOF that allows the videographer to isolate a subject and therefore give the scene a more "filmic" look. 153 Productions is Striving to offer this along with a creative, artistic look to wedding videos!. Gone are the days where people dreaded watching someones wedding video....Our wedding videos will make your guests want to watch it over and over again.