Product Highlights
  • ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel 20
  • ATEM Constellation HD / 4K Switcher Compatibility
  • Fits in a broadcast studio space
  • 20 Input Buttons
  • 4 / 4 Upstream / Downstream Keyers
  • 4 M/E Rows
  • LCD Display

Estimated Release Date: Oct 16, 2023

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Advanced Panel 20
Advanced Panel 30
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Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel 20 Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel 20
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ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panels 20

New larger ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel 20 model features system control LCDs, control of 4 upstream keyers, 4 downstream keyers and 4 M/E rows.

Blackmagic Design today announced 2 new hardware control panels that are designed to access the full power of ATEM Constellation HD and 4K switchers. The new ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel 20 and 30 models feature the same elegant design as the 2 M/E and 4 M/E Advanced Panels, but in a compact size to fit into any broadcast studio space. The new 1 M/E panels include up to 3 system control LCDs, buttons for control of 4 upstream keyers, 4 downstream keyers and 4 M/E rows as well as a joystick, T-bar fader and more.

Key Features:

  •  Features traditional broadcast workflow.
  •  Up to 30 separate input buttons with custom labels and colors.
  •  Transition control for quickly selecting transition styles
  •  Includes fader bar for manual control of transitions.
  •  Quickly select wipe styles from the system control LCDs.
  •   Supports DVE transitions and positioning with joystick.
  •   Includes a separate system control LCD for each M/E row.

ATEM Advanced Panels open up the power of ATEM Constellation because they give customers an enormous amount of control, allowing customers to setup more complex effects. It's also a nicer way to work because customers have physical broadcast quality buttons, knobs and a T-bar fader so customers can access all features in the switcher, all at the same time. ATEM Advanced Panels feature an industry standard, familiar M/E style layout. Each panel has built-in LCDs for menus, high quality buttons with customizable illumination color, a DVE joystick plus T-bar fader. All rows of M/E buttons include integrated LCDs for dynamic input button labeling. The new 1 M/E Advanced Panel 20 features 20 input buttons and 2 system control LCDs, while the larger 1 M/E Advanced Panel 30 has 30 input buttons and features 3 system control LCDs. Both models have buttons for control of 4 upstream keyers, 4 downstream keyers and 4 M/E rows.

ATEM Constellation has been designed to give customers the most advanced live switching workflow. Internally, ATEM Constellation has separate program and preview buses that customers can use to quickly and accurately switch sources.

When selecting transition types, a system control LCD screen will display the options for that transition, so customers can change its parameters without navigating through complex menus. It's all instantly available. That gives customers multiple ways to switch. Customers can even cut directly on the program bus. With ATEM Advanced Panels customers get all the controls customers need to access all transition types fast.

ATEM switchers give customers a huge range of transition styles. Standard SMPTE wipes are included and wipes can have edge softening for smooth dreamy transitions that are more exciting than simple cross dissolves. Dip transitions create a dip to color effect, however because customers can dip to any video source, customers could create really innovative effects. DVE transitions use the DVE to create crazy moves where the whole foreground image moves. The t-bar fader even lets customers manually position the transition for total control.

Power up wipe transitions by accessing parameters to transform them into exciting effects. While customers can select the wipe pattern directly on the LCD, customers can also add lots of customization to suit their production style. Customers can even use the dedicated joystick to set precise wipe pattern positioning.

ATEM Advanced Panels are perfect for positioning the DVE for custom picture in picture effects because they include a joystick. Customers can also use the soft knobs and menus on the LCD to adjust the DVE position, size and other DVE features such as lighting and drop shadow effects. The DVE can be setup to fly graphics into frame or select any of the pre programmed push and squeeze transitions.

The ergonomically designed t-bar control lets customers ride transitions perfectly as part of the live performance. Sometimes the emotion of a live event means customers need to feel a transition to get it perfectly in sync with the camera operators and talent. Like a conductor, their ATEM Constellation is part of the performance and drives the mood as the production unfolds.

Move elements around the screen using the joystick. With full 3 Axis control customers can adjust X, Y and Z positions of wipe patterns and position the ATEM Constellation DVEs. The joystick control with the DVE is ideal to position live video over video. Scale the size, position up down or left and right for the perfect picture in picture effect. Customers can also use the joystick to move the DVE and enter start and end keyframe screen positions for their own customized animated DVE moves.

Each system control LCD has a direct access keypad with a button for each function, and LCD and soft knobs and buttons. There are hundreds of switcher parameters available for keyers, transition selection, DVE, color generators as well as switcher video standard, multiview setup and even input button remapping. Customers can even save and recall 10 individual panel set ups and store them in the panel.

Another benefit of the ATEM Advanced Panel is the built in macros, where customers can very easily record their own custom macros and trigger them to playback with the push of a button. This means that customers don’t need to use a computer to work with macros because customers can trigger them from the same hardware panel customers are switching from. Customers can set up different macros to trigger under each macro button and the thin strip LCD under the buttons will show customers which button as which macro customers have assigned.


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Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel 20

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