Vistek Price Match Guarantee

Our guarantee to you.

At Vistek we know it’s not just our great pricing that makes you want to shop with industry experience and our customer service is what makes us a premier Photo and Video retailer. We want to ensure you get the best value for your purchase, that’s why we offer our Vistek Price Guarantee. If you find a lower valid advertised price of a product we sell from another Canadian Authorized Reseller, please contact us and we will be happy to do what we can to match that price.

What products qualify for price matching?

Identical Products

Products must be the exact same manufacturer model and brand

Canadian Reseller

Products must be in-stock and from an Authorized Canadian Reseller

 New factory sealed

Products must be sealed, new and with full manufacturer Canadian warranty

Canadian pricing

Price match products must be listed in current Canadian pricing

How do I price match?

 When shopping In-Store

  • Present a valid flyer,  newsletter, website link or magazine ad to our sales staff.
  • If you are looking for price protection, please bring in your original purchase invoice
  • You must meet the terms and conditions below to qualify

When shopping Online

  • You must email with a copy or a link of the advertised lower price.
  • If you are looking for price protection, please reference your original purchase invoice.
  • You must meet the terms and conditions below to qualify

Price match FAQ's

Does Vistek offer price protection on something I have already purchased?

Yes, we will match the price of a Vistek promotional sale within 14 Days of your purchase with your original receipt. **Doorcrashers and limited quantity sales are excluded from this. Price adjustments may only be applied once per item.

We are unable to offer price adjustments on items purchased that later become eligible for coupons/promotions. These promotions are only applicable on next purchases during their eligible promotional period. Read Terms below.

If a competitor is offering “free goods”, will Vistek offer those free goods?

Vistek will attempt to match the free goods, or offer the equivalent value of the goods where possible

Who qualifies as a Canadian Authorized Reseller?

An authorized Canadian reseller is a current Canadian retailer or e-tailer who purchases their goods either directly from the Canadian manufacturer or from the manufacturer’s authorized Canadian distributor.

What if the Canadian Reseller does not have the lower priced product in stock or is a limited quantity or doorcrasher sale?

In these situations Vistek will not price match/price protect. However we encourage you to contact us and let us work out the best solution for your needs

What products qualify for the Vistek price Guarantee?

To qualify, the product offering from the Canadian authorized reseller must be in new factory sealed condition, come with full manufacturer Canadian warranty, exact make and manufacturer model and must be listed in current Canadian pricing

What are Grey Market products?

Grey market products are products that are sold outside the proper distribution channels by companies that are not actually qualified dealers. In some cases, gray market products are completely fake, where you may think you are buying a new camera but you end up with a refurbished or even worse, a used camera. There is no control over the source or quality of these products so there are definite risks associated with buying gray market products.

What are the differences for me, the customer?
  • Potentially end up paying more than the value of the product
  • No valid warranty, in fact the manufacturer will not repair it at all.
  • You don’t know what you will get. You may think you are buying a new Canadian product, but it may be a refurbished item or previously used.

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** The following items do not qualify for the Vistek Price Guarantee:

Clearout, open box, demo, overstock, limited quantity, discontinued, liquidation/bankruptcy, doorcrashers, special order items, refurbished, grey market products, Black Friday, Boxing day, ProFusion, educational/institutional pricing and cash back programs. Vistek will also not honor any mistakes or omissions in advertising by competitors. Vistek reserves the right to limit the quantities eligible for the Vistek Price Guarantee. Vistek does not match the price of anyone who does not qualify as a Authorized Canadian reseller. Our Vistek Price Guarantee applies to the advertised price excluding shipping, taxes and any other applicable charges.

Important:  Vistek makes every effort to ensure our prices are accurate, however, due to technology issues and human mistakes, we reserve the right to advise you of any errors prior to processing your invoice.  If you are not willing to accept our explanation, apology and the correct price, we will cancel your order.