Safe Shopping

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Protection, verification and security

Online shopping should be safe shopping. That's why we've taken steps to make sure your Vistek online purchasing experience is fast, simple and secure. The following features will help you enjoy:

Secure shopping at Vistek

Verified bt Visa

Verified by Visa

The Verified by Visa service confirms a cardholder's authenticity in real time, making online shopping safer than ever. It protects your Visa card from fraud by requiring your own personal password when using the card. Its benefits include:

  • Added Protection: prevents unauthorized card use online
  • Ease of Use: fast sign up so you can shop with confidence
  • Easy Shopping: fits neatly into the online buying process
  • Fast Order Fulfillment: purchaser's identity is instantly verified
  • Shipping to Any Address You Choose: especially convenient for gift purchases

Daily Testing

This site is tested daily using Comodo's HackerProof Vulnerability Scanning Service. The service performs an extensive range of tests for major known vulnerabilities on the website.

Security first at Vistek

SSL Vistek

Secure Certificate

Vistek's website can secure your private information using an Industry-standard SSL Certificate. Information exchanged with Vistek's website when beginning with https is encrypted using SSL before transmission.