Product Highlights
  • 8TB HDD Storage Capacity
  • Up to 280 MB/s Read Speed
  • Up to 240 MB/s Write Speed
  • Dual Thunderbolt 3 (USB 3.1 Capable) Interface
  • Data Recovery Services
LaCie 8TB 1 Big Dock Thunderbolt 3 + USB 3.1 LaCie 8TB 1 Big Dock Thunderbolt 3 +...
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1big Dock

Professional Desktop Storage | Docking Station

The LaCie 1big Dock is a Thunderbolt 3 storage hub that lets you ingest files directly through built-in CF and SD card slots, connect two 4K displays, daisy chain devices via USB-C or USB 3.0 ports, and charge your laptop with up to 70W of power—all through a single cable. What’s more, it features an advanced-cooling design and a swappable, enterprise-class drive because what matters most? Extended reliability.

Key Features:

  • Innovative storage with docking station
  • Up to 8TB of desktop storage
  • Transfer speeds of up to 260MB/s
  • 7200-RPM Seagate® IronWolf® Pro enterprise-class hard drives
  • USB hub, SD, and CompactFlash card slots
  • DisplayPort 1.4 video output for 4K monitors
  • Unique power pass-through and power delivery feature
  • Dual Thunderbolt™ 3 ports for daisy chain
  • USB compatibilty for any PC and Mac®
  • LaCie® Toolkit software suite
  • Backed by five-year limited warranty with Rescue Data Recovery Services plan

The Epicenter of 4K Workflows

  • Store. Dock. Charge. Store high-res footage, dock peripherals, and charge a laptop
  • 5-in-1 docking includes CF and SD card slots, DisplayPort, dual Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Enterprise hard drive IronWolf Pro offers best-in-class speed and reliability
  • Charge up. Enjoy a fast charge of up to 70W with unique power pass-through feature
  • Five-year Rescue Data Recovery Services plan
  • Includes one-month Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan membership

Centralize with an External Hard Drive Thunderbolt 3 Dock

Laptops today are powerful and portable, but their slim build means fewer ports and memory card slots—and therefore more dongles. The LaCie 1big Dock is here, not only to help you safely store and back up loads of footage, but to charge your phone and USB devices, let you offload files, connect pro 4K monitors, and power your laptop. All through a single cable that leads from your drive to your laptop and dishes out incredible Thunderbolt™ 3 performance.

SD and CF Card Readers, Ports, and More.

Directly ingest footage, charge devices, connect 4K monitors, daisy chain additional drives, and store your portfolio—that’s the magic of 1big Dock. But what’s more, you get powerful Thunderbolt 3 performance and the reliability of a Seagate IronWolf Pro enterprise-class hard drive. The restult? Your new creative headquarters.

  • Brilliant. From Start to Finish.

    LaCie's plan was to build a solution so refined, so centralized, that you could freely focus on what matters most: creating awesome work.

  • SD and CF Card Readers

    Directly ingest files from your drone, DSLR, GoPro®, and other devices with the front-facing SD card reader and CF card reader.

  • USB 3.0 Hub

    Charge your phone, offload content from USB devices like shuttle drives and digital cameras, or simply connect USB peripherals.

  • DisplayPort 1.4

    Directly connect to your display monitor—from 720-1080p up to 4K 120Hz, or even 8K 60Hz.

  • Dual Thunderbolt 3 Ports

    Daisy chain up to six additional storage devices, plus charge your Thunderbolt, USB-C, or USB 3.0 laptop.

  • Swappable Drawer With Hard Drive

    Need to maintain or upgrade your hard drive? Simply use the removable drawer and swap in a new drive anytime.

  • Self-Cooling Aluminum Enclosure

    1big Dock’s aluminum enclosure and thermoregulated fan deliver sustained, optimized reliability and performance for the long haul.

More Power to You. And Your Laptop.

1big Dock is engineered to keep your laptop charged thanks to its patent-pending power pass-through feature.

Power Pass-Through

Simply connect your laptop’s power supply to 1big Dock’s Thunderbolt 3 daisy chain port for up to 70W of power delivery.

Power Delivery

When not using your charger, you’ll still get up to 45W of power from 1big (up to 30W if you’re simultaneously daisy chaining other USB-C devices). Either way, 1big keeps you going when you’re knee-deep in the creative process.

A Fierce Hard Drive for Intensive Projects.

A Seagate IronWolf Pro enterprise-class drive lives inside 1big Dock—and it’s the secret sauce to sprinting past goals and deadlines. Supporting up to 300TB/year workloads, this powerhouse HDD is specifically designed for high-speed 7200-RPM performance, smooth power management, massive capacity, and 24×7 reliability. And for ultimate peace of mind it’s covered by a five-year warranty.

Rescue Data Recovery Services.

When it comes to unpredictable events such as water damage to your studio or a natural disaster, we’ve got your back. 1big Dock includes Rescue Data Recovery Services lasting the length of your warranty. We’ll work tirelessly to help you save your data and money with one in-lab recovery services.

What's Included

1big Dock Thunderbolt 3 External Hard Drive (8TB)
Thunderbolt 3 Cable (USB 3.1 Capable)
USB 3.0 (USB-C to USB-A) Adapter
Seagate IronWolf Pro Enterprise-Class Hard Drive
External Power Supply
Quick Install Guide


Product Specifications

1big Dock

Drive Category IronWolf Pro
Read/Write Speed Up to 280MB/s
Up to 240MB/s
Interface Dual Thunderbolt 3
DisplayPort 1.4
USB 3.0
SD/CF card slots
Works With Thunderbolt 1, 2, 3
USB-C, USB 3.0
Inc. Cables & Adapters Thunderbolt 3
USB 3.0
Limited Warranty 5 years
Rescue Data Recovery Services 5 years

Questions & Answers

LaCie 8TB 1 Big Dock Thunderbolt 3 + USB 3.1

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